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Den lille landsby Tribunj har ca. 1500 indbyggere og ligger 3 km fra Vodice, den nærmeste større by.


The original scenery of an old Dalmatian town, the clean sea - according to records, probably the cleanest sea on the Adriatic, the rich sea flora and fauna make the sea of Tribunj suitable for swimming and underwater safari. The sports and recreation opportunities of Tribunj include tennis, boccia, indoor football, yachting and diving schools. Tribunj has the largest fishing fleet in central Dalmatia; when fishermen return from the sea, the promenade of Tribunj turns into a shop window offering fresh fish and other catch, contributing thus to a special atmosphere of this town. The offer of high-quality fish, mussels and crabs have made Tribunj a famous resort; the local speciality is fish ragout with polenta. Traditional feasts, the Tribunj Night and Fishermen's Night, are organized in the season. The Assumption (15th of August) and St. Nicholas' Day (6th of December) are major religious events.

Tribunj Marina was opened in 1997.

Tribunj, a town and harbour on a small peninsula, 4 km west of Vodice. Chief occupations include farming, fishing and tourism. The Rupa cove as well as in several other smaller inlets west of the town offer nice beaches, with the Sovlja beach being the most beautiful among them. Tribunj is situated on the local branching road leading from the main road (M2, E65). Smaller yachts can anchor in the port; the anchoring ground for larger vessels is to the southeast of the town.

The original settlement developed on the island in the 16th century. It was established by the refugees from the neighbouring settlements on the mainland. Fragments of the defence wall dating to the period of Venetian rule have been preserved. The old town Jurjevgrad contains the ruins of the mediaeval fortress and the church of St. Nicholas from 1452. Another mediaeval church is to the east of the town.

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Tribunj, et godt valg for din ferie i Kroatien.

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