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Badebyen Savudrija har ca. 400 indbyggere og ligger 8 km fra Umag, den nærmeste større by. Savudrija er opdelt i følgende bydele: Zambratija.


Savudrija, an old fishermen's village and tourist resort, is the entrance to the riviera of Umag. Favreto boarding house and Paludetto and Alla Posta inns existed already at the time of Austrian sovereignty, and rooms were rented as well. The construction of the seaside health resort Grazer Anna Kinderspital (1908) was very important for tourism. Although the Graz Municipality had it built primarily for Styrian children, the health resort was also frequented by children from other parts of Austria. In 1925, Gamboc boarding house was erected (by Ivan Gamboc and his son Karlo), today called Moj Mir (My Peace).

Along with exceptional natural resources (easily accessible rocky coast, clear seawater, pleasant water and air temperatures in summer), the development of summer holiday tourism was much facilitated by the rich cultural and historical heritage of Savudrija and its surroundings. Visitors may choose between various types of accommodations: hotel annexes, bungalows, apartments, rooms, campsites. Many sports and recreational opportunities are offered, both on the mainland (hiking trails, jogging, cycling, tennis, football, basketball, handball) and in the sea (swimming, windsurfing); panoramic flights by hang gliders are also offered. There is a wide selection of entertainment opportunities (summer terraces and discotheques) and gastronomic offer is exceptionally rich (exquisite seafood, local cuisine). Traditional festivities include the folk fiesta dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene in the village Zambratija (end of July) and the Savudrija Nights (in August).

SAVUDRIJA, a coastal town in the farthest north-western part of Istria, 8 km north of Umag. Economy is based on farming. One of the greenest parts of Istria (forests), featuring valuable small parks. Savudrija is located on a regional road (Sveti Mihovil - Savudrija - Umag - Buje) and connected with the main road (M2, E751).

The town was first mentioned in 1177 and the church of St. John the Apostle already in the 11th century. The present church was restored in 1870, when aisles were removed. In the vicinity of the village of Val Fontana is the Romanesque church of St. Lawrence from 1200, and in Valica the church of St. Jerome from the 18th century.



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Her finder du ferieovernatningssteder som f.eks. ferielejligheder, feriehuse, landejendomme, hoteller, ferieanlæg, pensioner, gæsteværelser, mobilehomes, krydstogter, leje af sejlbåde, udflugter m.m. Adrialin råder over et konstant stigende udbud for din rejse til Kroatien, Italien og Østrig.

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Savudrija, et godt valg for din ferie i Kroatien.

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